Professional transcripts for every industry

At EliteScribe, we have a passion for everything about transcription services.  With many years’ experience in the industry, we make it our business to deliver high quality, professional transcripts, on time, every time, with no fuss.  Experience tells us that our customers just want a quick and accurate transcript delivered on time.  We believe in quality, not rushing a job through for the fee and all of our transcripts are proofread before they come to you. You can rest assured that the transcript you receive from us is of the highest possible quality.

EliteScribe differs from other agencies because we ask for no set-up fees and our prices are transparent.  Our price list is based on price per minute of audio and does not change, regardless of number of speakers or how small or large the job is.  We provide some of the most advanced encryption technology for internet security available, for all incoming and outgoing files, by way of our secure workspace. When you select EliteScribe to provide your transcription services, you know your work will remain secure and confidential.

If you are still unsure exactly what the service of transcription involves, check out our recent article, What is Transcription? providing a full explanation; or for a full list of Transcription Services, go to our Transcription Services pages.

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