Our price list is based on rate per minute of audio supplied and has no hidden extras, regardless of the number of speakers or audio quality. To receive a copy of our fixed price list, please contact us.
The simple answer is no. The security and confidentiality of both your audio file and transcript is of paramount importance to us and therefore, we solely rely on our own trusted encryption for transmission, both in and out of our secure workspace, of audio files and finished transcript.
We can accept most standard audio file formats and too many non-standard to list here! If you have any questions about the file format you would like to use, simply contact us to find out if it is suitable.
EliteScribe manages all exchange of content, both in and out, from its own secure workspace which uses military-grade AES-256 encryption, both in transit and in storage. With every EliteScribe customer being provided private PIN-authenticated access to their own unique vault on the company servers, we can guarantee the highest level of protection for all content exchanged and stored.
We require all our customers to set up an account before submitting audio work for transcription. Click here to request an account and we will respond with all the required information.
Closed captions are a process of displaying text and descriptive information on a video, TV or movie screen, similar to subtitles. The fundamental difference is that closed captioning assumes that an audience cannot hear the audio and requires extra descriptive information, whereas subtitles assumes the audience can hear the audio and is simply an additional text form of the dialogue. Read more here.
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