How to digitally record a meeting

This is surprisingly easy!  A digital recording is held on computer like a document and can therefore be easily transferred to us at EliteScribe using our secure file transfer software in just a few clicks.  To digitally record a meeting, you only need these three ingredients:

  1. A laptop with a mains adapter and a USB Port

  2. A microphone

  3. Recording software on the laptop

1.  Laptop

The laptop must have a USB port.  Most laptopos have at least one and this is where you plug in the microphone.  We advise that you have a mains adapter too.  Laptop batteries can run down faster than you think and if the meeting goes on longer than anticipated, you don’t want to be left with half the meeting missing.

2.  Microphone

EliteScribe currently recommends using a USB Portable Stereo Omnidirectional Condense Conference Microphone.  The size of your hand, they are very light, but stable on the table top.  They do not need any software installed on your laptop; you literally just plug them into the USB port on your laptop and you are ready to go.
Some models, such as the one shown here, have a blue light to show they are working and a mute button in case you wish to discuss things “off the record”.

3.  Recording software

EliteScribe recommends using RecordPad Voice Recording Software from trusted Australian software supplier, NCH Software, to record and store your audio.  It downloads in seconds from and is simple and friendly to use.
The recording window is easy to operate.  You simply need to plug your microphone in, press the record button/red circle and RecordPad will do the rest.

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