Podcast Transcription Questions Answered

Do you have a podcast?  Do you want to make a podcast?  Do you have a great podcast, but are struggling to expand your audience?  Well, read on!  Apart from the other marketing tools available, such as having a unique, independent website, there is one huge marketing tool that you could be missing out on and EliteScribe are here to help.  Check out some common questions below…

How do I market my podcast?

The most increasingly popular way is to have your podcast transcribed; in other words, have a text version of your podcast displayed along with the audio version.

I have text in my show notes though?

But, do they contain keywords or links that the Google bots (and those of other search engines) can follow to get a real understanding of what your podcast is about?

Can’t I use a machine editing tool?

To best answer this, just read our previous article: ‘Can machines ever truly replace human transcribers?‘  But, put simply, you will spend hours correcting the mistakes; you can’t guarantee the security of your information; and, without knowing if the software is housed in the UK, you can’t be sure whether or not you are being GDPR compliant.

Won’t people just read the transcript and ignore the audio?

Absolutely not.  A transcript cannot replace the human voice and we know that people love to listen to podcasts, especially while driving or relaxing; but there are individual benefits to both.
Say, for example, someone on a train wants to listen to your podcast, but they don’t have their headphones.  If you don’t have a transcript, that listener will scroll past your podcast and choose one that does have, that they can read.

What will this do for my podcast?

Currently, search bots cannot listen to your podcast as they have no ears!  They only see an audio file and don’t have a clue of what it is about.

How can this increase my SEO?

You can add keywords from the transcript to your SEO options.  Then, by typing a keyword into a search engine, your podcast can be found much easier.  Also, the search engine bots follow the links around your site and therefore stay on your website longer, meaning that your podcast is viewed more seriously than someone who doesn’t have a transcript.

Are there other benefits to a transcript?

  • It facilitates sharing.  Bloggers can find a quote from you or your guests, or a paragraph to reference, and copy it quickly and accurately.  Your podcast is more likely to be referenced with a transcript than without.
  • If someone wants to revisit a point made in your podcast, they can simply go to the transcript and use the ‘find’ option within the browser to search for a word or phrase, without having to try to find it in the audio.
  • Turn one of your podcasts into a blog or a guest post for someone else’s blog.  With a transcript, it’s simple.
  • Hearing impaired people can join in your podcast and read what you’ve said, making you much more inclusive.
  • Write a book and provide another revenue stream.  With your podcasts already in text form, the process becomes that much simpler.


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