Editing machine transcription

At the current time, turning naturally spoken language into a correct transcript is hard for machines.  The less correct the language used by the speaker, the more errors you will notice.  We don’t naturally speak in properly punctuated text, let alone starting to consider dialects, accents, second languages and speaking over each other.

The most common errors machines still make are incorrect paragraph sections, dialogue attributed to the wrong speaker, mistaken or missing punctuation and the most obvious of all, simply the wrong words; and these are only the most common errors!

There are two alternative ways to handle machine-generated transcripts, if deciding to take this route:

  • DIY: use your own time and resources to troll through the transcript to find all the errors, then play back the audio to work out what the correct version should be;
  • Outsource: use EliteScribe to do the hard graft for you.  Using their transcribers’ extensive experience in correcting machine‑edited transcripts against the audio file, they will produce a smooth, accurate, naturally‑flowing transcript, free of unnecessary link or ‘fluff’ words, unwanted repetitions and deliver to you a final verbatim file to your requested template and style. 

Why DIY when EliteScribe can do it for you?

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