Transcribing Interviews and business meetings

With the evolution of technology and smart phones and the explosion of apps, the recording of any conversation, be it over the telephone or face to face, can be recorded.  The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus has also led to an increase in “virtual” style meetings where quite often, the technology is already in place at the press of a button to record what is being said.  We can transcribe the audio from all your interviews and informal or formal business meetings, some examples of which are listed below:

  • PACE interviews: for evidence and analysis.
  • Covert recording: to be able to obtain legal advice.
  • A recorded conversation on your smart phone: prove to your insurance company you did tell them the information.
  • Job application interviews: looking at your application on paper means you can improve your interview style.
  • Formal board meetings: a printed hard copy can be issued to all attendees.
  • HR policy meetings: more and more companies are using this option – see HR Meetings to read more.
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