Podcast transcription service

With podcasts on the increase, but still a much less competitive space than blogging, make sure you are reaching the widest audience possible by uploading a transcript of each and every podcast you make. Remember, you can’t search for keywords in videos but with a podcast transcription, viewers can not only search for a desired episode, but even a particular topic or article within that episode. And more importantly, podcast transcriptions are an excellent way for search engines to read your podcast and boost your SEO and hence the ranking on the search engine’s results pages.

At EliteScribe, we provide an all-encompassing podcast transcription service, providing a verbatim account of the audio along with timestamps, if required, and can even take the work out of uploading it to your site once you are happy that a trusted relationship has been established.

In summary, our podcast transcription service will:

  • provide the optimum way to increase your SEO, since search engines can “read” the text;
  • give your audience another tool to research your subject with a simple keyword search;
  • allow visitors the option to “view” the episode; 
  • provide an outlet for other sites to pick up the text transcription for quotes, or to share on their site, rather than grabbing whole and sometimes rather lengthy clips;
  • ensure access for the hard of hearing audience to enjoy your podcasts too.
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