TV Transcription

If you are involved in TV production you will know how essential transcripts are to your performance.

  • Pre-Production: Our style incorporates timecodes, speaker labels and the totally verbatim style to capture your interviewees’ every utterance. This is easily edited when you have every word, every um and er. We know budget is tight so we have a very special rate for pre-production transcripts. We keep it simple by working to a format that is universally used by all the top media production companies.
  • Post-Production: Selling your productions is how you actually make money so having a post-production transcript that is accurate, professional and pleasing to the eye will definitely help you do that. You cannot afford second best at this stage so why not let us take the worry and hassle out of this process and produce for you the best post-production transcripts on the market.
EliteScribe Ltd