Transcribing HR Meetings

Every formal HR meeting, be it for a grievance or disciplinary, needs a note-taker. The difficulty with a human note-taker is that they cannot write as fast as people speak therefore you keep having to pause and wait for them to catch up. Once you send the notes off it can then turn into a case of “he said, she said” with all the parties arguing about the notes themselves.

With some simple recording software on your laptop and a microphone attached, you are ready to go.  Once the meeting is finished, just upload the recorded audio file to us to transcribe and then relax knowing that every word uttered will be at your fingertips.  Some benefits to recording your HR meetings are:

  • Confidentiality: having it transcribed by us means we do not know the people involved and your confidentiality is assured. Using an inhouse secretary to type up the recording could compromise that, if only in the eyes of a tribunal.
  • Cost Efficiency: tribunals are expensive and very time-consuming and really want to be avoided at all costs. A transcript is admissible evidence and shows clearly that you have followed all your legal obligations. We can even provide a certificate of authenticity on request for a small fee of £19.99.
  • Evidence: harder for parties involved to dispute what was said. A person can hardly dispute part of the transcript if the recording can then be played back to them. 
  • Procedural efficiency: this process will enable you to get the most out of your interview since people are better behaved when they know that they are being recorded. 
  • Time efficiency: more can be covered in meetings because you are not waiting for a note-taker to catch up and the meetings can flow rather than having pauses.

You need to get the interviewee’s permission to record the interview and to help you with that we have a little script that you can read out to everyone in the room before you start. Use us for your transcription and we can send you a sample of this for FREE. Contact us for more information on this.

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