Record your meeting

In order for EliteScribe to deliver to you the best quality and most comprehensive transcript of your audio file, here are a few things for you to consider before you begin to record your meeting.

  • TEST: Record a few words and play them back to check the microphone(s) is (are) positioned in the best possible place.
  • ENVIRONMENT: It may seem obvious, but it is a good idea to keep liquid refreshments at a separate table from the one at which you are recording. A glass of water poured next to a microphone can obscure several words of speech!
  • BACKGROUND NOISE: Please bear in mind that even though microphones may be situated directly in front of speakers, it does not prevent them from picking up background noises – for example, choosing to record your meeting at a table in a busy canteen is not an ideal situation for achieving a nice, clear audio file!
  • ENABLE: Before you start, some recording systems require you to “enable” the microphones before they begin recording. This may only be the simple press of a button, yet absolutely vital!

Once your event has begun, we advise you to run through a brief set of procedural notes about the recording in order that all speakers are not only aware of the recording equipment, but also how to get the best out of it. After all, it is in their interests as well.

  • INSTRUCTIONS: inform the speaker(s) that they are being recorded and to keep their voices loud and clear. Also, indicate whether or not you will be supplying a copy of the transcript for their records in due course after the event.
  • INTRODUCTIONS: introduce yourself and ask all speakers to do the same, one by one, for audio recognition purposes.  For example, “My name is XY and I am the Senior HR Manager of Z Ltd”.
  • OVERSPEAKING: remind everyone about the need to refrain from talking over each other, or interrupting unnecessarily, if at all possible.
  • GLOSSARY: Keep a list of any unusual spellings, such as names or places, or indeed industry-specific terminology. This “glossary of spellings” can then be uploaded alongside the audio file in order to allow us to produce the most accurate transcript we can. If in doubt, ask a speaker to spell out any irregular words.
  • DISABLE: As well as remembering to disable/stop the recording equipment once the event has finished, you may also wish to temporarily pause the recording if you are taking any comfort breaks or, for example, a lunch break. 

If you have any more questions about recording your event, or any concerns about the equipment you are using, please feel free to contact us for advice.

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